Edible Hugs-Sea Salt Caramel Dip

There are all kinds of ways to show yourself love. One of my favorites (besides hugging of course!) is through food. I like to show my body that I love it by feeding it nourishing, fun foods and beverages. When I feed my body with snacks that love me back, it also feeds my soul and that’s pretty great. It makes me happy to consume foods that heal my body, elevate my mood and encourage strength.

From time to time I will share edible hugs, aka recipes, with you here on the blog.  This one is a divine sea salt caramel dip.

I love sweet things so much that if I had eight arms like Violet, I would have cookies in each tentacle. My fave way to enjoy desserts is when they are crafted using natural sugars like dates, maple syrup and honey. That way, I not only enjoy the sweetness but also the nutritional benefits that those foods may bring.

How about a date?

Dates are little hidden treasures that are rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants making them a great choice in recipes. They can naturally boost your energy levels within half an hour of consumption. (I used to stuff dates with sea salt and almonds and eat them for fuel during my half marathon running days). They really work!

To me, dates are among the sweetest things in the entire world and as you will see, can be used to make many incredible things like sea salt caramel dip.

Honey Crisp apples

It feels only right to pair our sweet and salty caramel dip with this season’s most beloved Honey Crisp apples. Is it possible to O.D on apples? Ever since their seasonal debut, my fridge has been stocked with them and I simply can’t get enough.

Being born and raised in the Midwest, cider mill season is in my bones. At the first sign of Fall, I feel that familiar tug to put on my coziest clothes and head to the cider mill (pictured below in Michigan with Aunt Louise). It’s a thing in the Midwest and somehow feels brand new every single time you go.

Honey Crisp apples are the perfect accompaniment for this sweet and salty caramel. An edible hug with a seasonal twist.

Sea Salt Caramel Dip Recipe
Makes approx. 1 C of caramel dip


~10 whole dates (Buy the ones with pits still in (already pitted dates are smaller and not as juicy as the ones with the pits)

~Enough boiling water to cover the dates for soaking.

~1/4 + 1/8 tsp sea salt

~1/4 tsp pure vanilla

~1 1/2 Tbsp organic full fat coconut milk in a can

~Reserve soaking water to blend dates

Make it Happen

~Remove pits from your dates and rough chop. Cover the dates with boiling water and allow to soak for an hour or more

~Pull the soaked dates from the water

~Put dates, salt, 3 Tbsp of the soaking water and coconut milk into your food processor or blender.

~Pulse until mixture becomes the consistency and creamy color of caramel, adding more of the soak water 1 Tbsp at a time as needed.

~Scrape the mixture down the sides of the blender with a spatula several times as you are doing this. At first it may look like it may never become creamy, but be patient. The lumps will disappear and it will become silky smooth.

~This makes a thick dip. If you prefer it thinner, add more coconut milk as you blend.

~Store leftover dip in a glass bowl in the fridge.

~Serve with sliced organic Honey Crisp apples (or your fave apple)

~Bask in the glory of giving yourself an edible hug.

This sea salt caramel dip is inexpensive, easy to make and defies all logic when it comes to buttery caramel. It is a fun and seasonally festive snack that will love you back.



Date nutritional info courtesy of Organicfacts.net


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